John Mercier

[A software developer interested in java, groovy, and nixos]


I am a father, husband, software developer, veteran, barber, dish washer and landlord. This blog is about technology and software development.

Groovy and nixos are my latest interest. I spend my nights after the kids are in bed working on my nixos install or graph-dsl.

I stated learning groovy when I volunteered to convert a large ant build to gradle. Groovy's support for reading xml and templating is simply the best. Once the project was converted I was back to using java until I decided to start a small project called graph-dsl.

Graph-dsl was inspired by the DAG in gradle. I also wanted to learn a lot of topics we talk about at work. Test driven development, continous delivery, automating everything and generally removing human error. Graph-dsl is a result of my disciplined approach to creating a library. It may not be very practical to other developers but graphs have always interested me.

Nixos became my primary OS after lots of trial and error with gentoo. I learned a lot about linux with gentoo but it seemed so easy to forget how the system was setup and how to fix blocked packages. Nixos allows you to configure the entire system in a declarative language called nix so you always know how the system is configured. Blocked packages are impossible in nixos. It was also a good chance to learn systemd.

The purpose of this blog is to write about topics I am interested in and be helpful to others with similar interests.

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