John Mercier

[A software developer interested in java, groovy, and nixos]

simple-agent is no longer available in bluez. The gentoo wiki must be very outdated. The version I am using is 5.21. The test-programs use flag is no longer used. So I removed it from package.use. After searching for commands that start with blue I found bluetoothctl which did everything I needed. Here is what I did once bluetoothctl opened.


displays the local controllers on the computer.


displays the devices.

scan on

starts scanning for new devices to add. (put the device in pairing mode).

pair {mac address}

pairs the device with the controller.

From here I thought the mouse would work well but the mouse was still flashing for pairing. The help menu has a connect command in it so I tried that.

connect {mac address}

Now the mouse is working. I also have a bluetooth remote keyboard that I could add in the future. In the past I had to enter keys on it to pair. It will be interesting to see how bluetoothctl handles this.

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