John Mercier

[A software developer interested in java, groovy, and nixos]

Currently, stalonetray is installed and running from the .xinitrc file with:

stalonetray --geometry 6x1 --no-shrink --kludges force_icons_size -i 24 &

In my current notion layout I have to move stalonetray to a small frame in the lower right hand side of my monitor. I would like to make stalonetray part of the status bar in notion.

The first step is to create the config files in ~/.notion.

cp /etc/notion/* .notion

Now edit cfg_notion.lua and include

defwinprop {class="stalonetray", statusbar="dock"}

Now edit cfg_statusbar.lua and add %systray_dock after %systray on the template line.

template="[ %date || load: %load ] %filler%systray%systray_dock",

now when notion starts stalonetray will appear in the statusbar. The only problem I see now is when there is only one frame and it is split virtically, stalonetray is no longer in the lower right corner. I think have this fixed on my sony vaio p which I will look at tomorrow and try to fix.

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