John Mercier

[A software developer interested in java, groovy, and nixos]

Some time ago I asked a question on stack overflow about adding new commands to the notion window manager. These commands split the entire workspace, adding a new frame to the bottom or side of it. Here is a link:

In cfg_tiling.lua add

kpress(META.."Z", "WTiling.split_top(_, 'bottom'):goto_focus()"),

inside the "defbindings("WTiling", {" block and add

kpress("Z", "Wtiling.split_top(_, 'left'):goto_focus()"),

inside the "submap(META.."K", {" block

It sets up META..Z and META..K + Z as the key bindings for these actions.

After setting these up on my Dell precision 4600 only META..Z seems to work and the focus is not moving to the new frame.

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