John Mercier

[A software developer interested in java, groovy, and nixos]

I am creating a new virtualbox gentoo instance. This will be used as a template for other gentoo vms on my laptop. For now it will be very basic.

  • 1 cpu

  • 512 MB memory

  • 8 GB harddrive space

Being able to increase the template may be important. I have had problems in the past with increasing cpus in a gentoo vm. Adding memory shouldn’t be a problem. Adding harddrive space would be better if I used LVM.

Default apps

So far I only need java and ssh.


For now I am using the settings I have on my local computer. This could cause problems with portability especially with cpu flags and the march option (corei7-avx).

Planned uses

  1. create a hadoop cluster with accumulo

    • Since this is what I use at work

  2. create an ingestion server to run pentaho jobs

    • Since this is what I do at work

  3. create a application server

    • This is for all webapps that interact with the accumulo db

    • crud/search services/apps

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