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Today I am working on a vagrant base box using gentoo and VirtualBox. I created a gentoo stage-3 vm in VirtualBox. But this is not enough to run gentoo in VirtualBox let alone as a vagrant box. There are a number of packages that need to be installed to make a stage-3 useful for virtual box and vagrant.

  • virtualbox-guest-additions

  • acpi - for poweroff

  • sudo - to run commands without a password


    emerge --ask app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions

Keep in mind this package installs dbus. I recommend setting up dbus using this guide.


This is a service I did not have running on my own system. Follow this guide to get it setup. This will allow gentoo to shutdown when performing acpi shutdown in the Machine menu.


This is required to allow the vagrant user to run commands without a password. It is easy to install and configure for vagrant. This is the gentoo guide for sudo.

Now I am following this guide to setup the base box.

Another option I would like to try is this setup.

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