John Mercier

[A software developer interested in java, groovy, and nixos]

I wrote a small script that will provision oracle-jdk-bin-1.8.0 on my gentoo64 box. The script can be called multiple times through vagrant reload --provision and it will only install the jdk once. Oracle’s jdk has some restrictions. On gentoo the license needs to be accepted and a file needs to be manually downloaded and added to /usr/portage/distfiles. My Vagrantfile adds a share to /usr/portage/distfiles on the guest machine in /distfiles. The shell script will copy the file if it doesn’t exist, accept the license, and install the package. The only requirement is jdk-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz needs to be located at '/usr/portage/distfiles'. This can be changed in your own project by editing the share in your Vagrantfile.

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