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After setting up the spring boot cli auto-completion feature everything was working fine. Typing spring and then hitting tab in the console brought up the list of spring commands as promised. What I did not expect was after restarting my computer the xdm service complained about spring shell-completion.

 * Caching service dependencies ...                  [ ok ]
 * Stopping xdm ...
 * start-stop-daemon: no matching processes found    [ ok ]
 * Setting up xdm ...
/opt/spring-1.2.5.RELEASE/shell-completion/bash/spring: line 16: syntax error near unexpected token `<'
/opt/spring-1.2.5.RELEASE/shell-completion/bash/spring: line 16: `      done < <(spring hint ${cword} ${words[*] [ ok ]

In a previous post I setup profile.d to create a spring cli environment for all users on my system. Once I remove the sourcing of shell-completion everything is fine but I want this to be fixed.

After some research on the bash here document the completion script is using, I was not able to find the solution. The problem is not in the here-document but in the header of the script. After adding the correct sha-bang #!/bin/bash I was able to start xdm normally. I’m guessing that the double redirection with a here-document is not allowed in sh but is in bash and that xdm runs scripts in sh unless the sha-bang is present.

I added a pull request to spring-boot to fix the problem.

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