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Adding a printer/scanner on gentoo can be easy or it can be hard. Here are some notes on how I did it.

The Printer

My printer is an Epson XP-950. My wife picked it out and I only lightly check to see if it supported linux by checking the provided drivers on the support website.

Adding the printer bits

Epson’s print drivers are provided through net-print/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr on gentoo.

emerge -av net-print/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr

These are the drivers provided through the epson downloads page I had checked before the printer was purchaces. Since I already have cups installed all I needed to do was install this package and add the printer through cups. XP-950 is one of the printers made available to cups through this package.

Adding the scanner bits

The scanner also has drivers through the epson download page but these are not installed through gentoo. On gentoo it is possible to setup scanners through SANE. I installed xsane:

emerge -av media-gfx/xsane

xsane is about as bad as the epson scanner software for windows and android but it seems to work so far. I was able to find a bug pretty quickly:

  1. set pages to two

  2. select multipage

  3. click scan

  4. click cancel

  5. the program crashes

It also randomly decides there is no scanner for some reason.

Other options

simple scan

This permenantily does not find the scanner.


Not tried yet.

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