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Codenarc is a static code analysis tool for groovy. It is the same tool uses to to publish its results. The graph-dsl project is setup to use codenarc for local development and for continuous integration. There is just one problem with, it only uses 59 rules rather than the 353 rules available. I wanted to find a way to send all of those rules to that were missing.

To start I found sonar-groovy this is a plugin for sonar-runner which scans groovy code. It can be configured to look at a codenarc report within groovy.

Note: this porject uses gradle so the following is gradle configurations to accomplish this.

First, codenarc needs to be setup to output xml formatted reports.

codenarc {
    reportFormat = 'xml'

Next, the sonarqube plugin needs to be configured to use that report.

sonarqube {
    properties {
        property 'sonar.groovy.codenarc.reportPath', codenarcMain.getReports().getXml().getDestination()

This results in lots a messages that look like this

No such rule in Sonar, so violation from CodeNarc will be ignored:

It appears that is setup with Quality Profiles. These profiles determine which rules are actually turned on. The default for groovy projects only enables 59 of 353 rules. For graph-dsl it is not possible to modify the Quality Profile and as a result does not seem very useful for groovy projects.

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